Congregational Care

Our Congregational Care ministries offer support for all aspects of life from birth, to baptism, to end-of life care. We offer many programs and activities along the way, including baptisms, weddings, funerals, financial assistance, support groups, hospital visits and prayer, in addition to weekly classes and groups on a wide variety of topics.

We also have a group of Stephen Ministers who are equipped to journey with those who are experiencing some of life’s challenges. Click here for more information on Stephen Ministry.

For more information on all of the aspects of Congregational Care at First Church, please contact our Pastor of Congregational Care, the Reverend Jenny Caughman, 865-483-4357.

Community Financial Assistance

This is an essential ministry that allows the pastor’s to directly engage with folks who have needs in our city and community. The community Assistance ministry is an outreach of our congregation that provides hope and help for many in our area each month. Through this ministry we have allowed folks of all ages in our community to stay fed, warm, housed, cool, working, clothed, and mobile for work or medical appointments. If you wish to contribute or volunteer to help with this ministry the please contact Rev. Mark Flynn,  

Per Community Assistance policy, FUMCOR is only able to help once a year and only twice over all.