Our annual Christmas Shoppe is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many families in our community. These families have been referred to us by the school systems, TORCH, MIST, and other local organizations. We have been collecting items for the past six months, including underwear, socks, books, mittens, scarves, stuffed animals, and toys.

Currently, we are in need of individuals who can sponsor a child (or two). Each sponsor is invited to spend $75-$100 per child and return the unwrapped gifts to the church by Sunday, December 10. Please make sure to clearly mark the gifts with the child’s ID number (example 3B). If you feel uncomfortable registering on the website, our volunteers will be available to assist you in the Welcome Center on the mornings of Sunday, December 3 and 10.

Additionally, we are pleased to offer a shopping service for those who prefer not to select specific gifts. You can simply drop a check in the collection basket with “Christmas Shoppe” written on the memo line. Alternatively, you can make a donation online by clicking here. On that page, you will find an option to donate funds specifically to the Christmas Shoppe. Our team can then shop tax-exempt for unsponsored and last-minute emergency children and other activities related to the Shoppe.

These gifts truly have a significant impact on the lives of real people. We want to express our heartfelt thanks in advance for demonstrating your faith through action.