Confirmation is a year of exploration at First United Methodist Church. Youth in seventh grade will take a closer look at what it means to grow up in faith, what it means to make a commitment to Jesus Christ, and what it means to share in faith with Christians around the world.

The experience traditionally includes weekly class sessions during the Sunday School hour, time with an adult mentor, a weekend retreat, 2 one-day retreats, and worship opportunities with other congregations. The class culminates with a church-wide dinner and a Confirmation Worship Service.

Each confirmand has a faith buddy, or mentor, who meets with them throughout the year and guides them spiritually through the process.

FUMC has changed the age for the confirmation year from 6th grade to 7th grade, partially due to the pandemic, and partially due to the belief that slightly older students may be able to better tackle and retain the theological topics that are covered during confirmation.

Feel free to contact with any questions about Confirmation Year.

Make Up Lessons

Confirmation Retreat Lessons:

The Journey of Faith
Church and Community
Styles of Literature in the Old Testament
Overview of the Gospels