Give to Our Endowments 

Interested in donating to one of our endowments?  Please mail a check written to “FUMC,” with the name of the endowment to which you are donating in the memo line.  Below is a list of our current endowments:

  • Keystone Scholarship Endowment
  • Ministerial Scholarship Endowment
  • Adult Music Program Endowment
  • Property Endowment
  • Missions Endowment
  • General Endowment
  • Withrow Youth Choir Endowment
  • Youth Ministries Endowment
  • William Mooney Pastoral Visitation Endowment
  • Rebecca Taylor Scholarship Endowment
  • Library Endowment
  • Adult Ministries Endowment
  • Jacobson Scholarship Endowment
  • Joan O’Steen Endowment for Veteran’s and their Families
  • Joan O’Steen Endowment for Women and Children in Domestic Violence
  • Wilson Mission Endowment

 If you would like to know more information about one or more of these endowments, please feel free to reach out to the Chair of our Enduring Gifts Committee. Contact the church office at 865-483-4357 for that contact information.

Request money from our endowments 

If you are a church member and would like to receive Enduring Gifts Funds to support an ongoing or new ministry of our congregations, please click here to download the application or follow the link below to apply online.