Mondays from 5:00 – 6:30 pm

The Grief Support Group is provided for anyone who is experiencing grief from the recent or not so recent death of a loved one. The Grief Support Group will provide persons an opportunity to understand the grief experience and a safe, supportive community in which to express and explore their grief. Persons can share their sorrow, experiences, struggles, concerns, fears, anger, joy, victories, hopes, and dreams to the level of their own comfort.

Meetings will be in a relaxed informal setting and will last up to 1½ hours. Short talks and printed materials will provide input for discussion and sharing. The needs of the group will always take precedence over any planned agenda. There is no cost for participation in the group.

Group Leader Steve Herbes is a retired grief counselor. He received an M.S. in clinical social work from the University of Tennessee, and is certified in grief counseling by the Association for Death Education and Counseling. He served as Bereavement Facilitator for Baptist Hospice in Knoxville for six years, where he conducted individual grief counseling and periodically facilitated grief support groups. Before retirement, Steve was in private practice in Oak Ridge working with persons experiencing loss and life transitions. He speaks periodically to local organizations and church groups on topics of grief and loss.

For more information about the next Grief Support group, contact our church office at 865-483-4357 or email Rev. Jenny Caughman (