Group Licensing for Our Courses

We believe learning is best when done together. By purchasing licenses in multiples, you will:

  • Receive a deep discount
  • Be able to enroll learners in bulk or have them sign up individually
  • Receive codes that can be redeemed for each person in your group

Group leaders will be able to manage and track learner’s progress through easy-to-use tools accessible through this website. This is an excellent way for small groups of colleagues to learn together or for large organizations to obtain training.

Ideas for group learning:

  • Put together a group of five colleagues to work through a course together. Use Zoom or the built-in conversation tools to discuss and process.
  • Use group licenses to purchase training your staff. Use the facilitation features to track engagement.
  • Have your organization work through a course together to enhance training and value.
  • Incorporate our online courses into your organization’s training events. Purchase licenses at deep discounts.

Use the form below to purchase as many licenses as you need for your group. Facilitation tools are provided to make this a rich experience for you and your group!