Sallie McCaskill dedicated her life to education. She was an educated woman who aimed to help college-bound students from Anderson County. McCaskill assisted these students in finding tutors and often provided help herself. When McCaskill passed away in 1993, it was only right that her legacy of supporting minority students continued. Thus, the Sallie McCaskill Memorial Scholarship was established.

To date, over 200 scholarships totaling nearly $300,000 have been awarded to minority students from Oak Ridge High School, with most recipients coming from the Scarboro Community. This money is designated for the first year of college and can be used for any 2 or 4-year program.

Students are interviewed by a committee of volunteer adults who assess their academic achievements, leadership roles, and aspirations for the future. The cost of tuition for the program to which the students have been accepted is also taken into consideration. This scholarship program stands out as most of its contributions come from community individuals, with 76 contributors in 2022.

The scholarship fund operates without staff, and apart from some printing and postage costs, 100% of contributions directly benefit students. Last year, four students each received $2550.

Our church has supported this fund for several years and, with your help, we can continue to make a significant impact in assisting deserving students in advancing their education this year. You can contribute to this Special Mission Offering in the same way you make your regular donation. Just remember to mark it as “March Mission Offering” or “Sallie McCaskill.”