Throughout the month of May, the special offering will support the FUMC Music Ministry. For years, this church has influenced many lives through music, bringing congregants closer to God in worship and offering activities for all ages. The Music Ministry currently involves 63 regular participants in various groups, including the Contemporary Band, Parish Adult Choir, Parish Youth Choir, Children’s Treble Choir, Schola Cantorum, and Carillons handbell ensemble. Other musicians contribute through vocal or instrumental solos and by participating in special choirs.

In traditional services alone, around 223 musical pieces are performed or sung each year. This number only includes preludes, anthems, offertories, and postludes. If additional music such as psalms, service music, intros, and unique hymns were accounted for, the total would exceed 300.

All these activities come at a cost. The church currently employs 12 musicians to lead worship services, and expenses include music, robes, stand lights, and other necessary tools. Tuning and maintaining the pipe organ and six pianos also require financial resources. Additionally, trips taken by the Music Ministry incur costs.

At First UMC, we are fortunate to have a congregation that values music, especially for young members. Last year, we reinstated the youth choir after a period of dormancy. One of our goals for the upcoming academic year is to expand the youth choir so they can lead the 8:45 service and resume touring. However, due to budget cuts over the years, our ability to grow is limited without additional funds. Music has a profound impact on us, creating lasting memories and friendships. We humbly ask for your support of the May Special Offering, which will benefit all musical endeavors at our church.

Josh Sumter

Organist & Choirmaster