The Morgan-Scott Project is headquartered in Deer Lodge, Tennessee. It serves two counties in Tennessee that have poverty levels higher than 20%, while the overall state poverty level is 15.3%. The Morgan-Scott Project (MSP) has various functions to meet the many needs of the people it serves. First Church is most involved with its Food Security Program. Every Friday, we drive the church box truck loaded with food to MSP after collecting food from the Second Harvest Rescue Food Truck earlier in the week. This provides food for 85–100 families per week. Additionally, MSP spends about $15,000 per year to put together approximately 140 boxes of non-perishable food items monthly.

MSP has many other functions besides food. It provides about $1200 per month in utility assistance and does home repairs, such as wheelchair ramps and bathroom improvements. It also offers $500 educational scholarships, job training, and backpacks and school items for children. During Christmas, MSP gives out gifts. MSP has a Good Earth program that provides seed and fertilizer in the spring. It also runs a thrift store for donated items, generating funds for the overall operation.

Clearly, the Morgan-Scott Project is a very worthwhile organization that helps the needy, older adults, and the handicapped in the area. MSP is our special offering for November.