Ashley Craven’s email (posted below) raises an important issue for parents and other individuals who might encounter violent images online. To assist in this matter, we have put together a webinar to help people with important young people in their lives as Hamas threatens to post videos of executions on social media.

The webinar, “Online Safety in a Time of War,” will take place on Thursday, October 19, at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Registration is required to ensure safety for participants. You will be emailed the link the day of the webinar.

To parents, teachers, and guardians:

In light of recent world developments and sincere threats from Hamas to upload videos of hostages online this weekend (a threat that Facebook and hopefully Twitter will be taking seriously), it’s essential to have heartfelt conversations with your children about videos they may see online. As someone who witnessed violent videos in the early 2000s, I understand how some of those images can have lasting impacts and stick with you. TikTok may be particularly inundated with them as well.

🗣️ Let your kids know they can always turn to you with questions if they come across anything unsettling. Also, maybe consider using keyword blocking and strengthening parental controls to help try to keep those videos out of sight.

🤝 Reach out to fellow parents to discuss these concerns collectively and ensure your kids’ friends are informed and protected from graphic content involving the violence taking place.

We keep everyone in our prayers during this time, especially children who are affected by war and its effects.

Yours in Christ,

Ashley Craven
Rev. Denna Hornby
Shelby Fowler