Why We Worship As We Do

Beginning in January, Rev. Mark Flynn and Rev. Seth O’Kegley-Gibson will co-lead a seven-week study entitled “Why We Worship As We Do.” Each week, they will facilitate a conversation about one or more of our current worship practices through the lens of scripture, tradition, and reason, and experience.

The Bible for Critical Thinkers

Have you ever wanted to gain a single, comprehensive understanding of Jesus’ life? The Bible For Critical Thinkers is exactly that. Without digging into complex and esoteric theology, the Rev. Mark Flynn looks at Jesus’ teachings, ministry, and relationships.

The Way: United Methodist Confirmation for Adults

This course, taught by Rev. Seth O'Kegley-Gibson, is perfect for those who are coming to the faith anew, or just need a refresher as you walk with God in your maturing faith journey. Coming soon.