Your Opportunity to Serve God through Disaster Relief Donations

As you are probably aware, the past year has seen numerous natural disasters, including the Maui fire, tornadoes in Southern and Midwestern states, and hurricanes Nicole and Idalia. Unfortunately, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)’s ability to respond to these disasters has been limited due to a reduction in financial support and the COVID-19 restrictions on Sager Brown’s disaster kit ministry. The United Methodist Church must take action by increasing the supply of kit parts and the production of disaster kits through the Sager Brown Depot.

This is where FUMC comes in. We will be sending a mission team to work on disaster kits at Sager Brown in late October. You can join this team by donating to purchase supplies for the kits. The cost of the kit supplies ranges between $12 and $14 per kit. Please send or bring your donation for this important project to FUMC with “Sager Brown Kit” written on your envelope or a personal check marked for SB Kits on the memo line by October 22, 2023.