Table for 8, please! The Adult Ministries Team is excited to launch this new opportunity for you to get to know others in our congregation and make those all important connections. 

Table for 8 is a casual, fun way to share a meal and connect with people from FUMC in a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you participate solo, with a spouse or partner, or with a family of any age, the goal of Table for 8 is to bring a small group of adults together for fellowship and a meal. We hope groups will meet two or three times (or more!) in the spring and two or three times (or more!) in the fall. Once created, your group will organize the details of those meals based on the needs and preference of the group. The goal is to meet new people or deepen connections with people you don’t know well. Sign up with a sense of adventure! Do continue to see your longtime FUMC friends, but please don’t request that we put you in a Table for 8 group with specific people.

Who Should Sign Up for Table for 8? You should sign up if you:

  • have been part of First Church for a long time
  • have been part of First Church for a short time
  • have ever seen someone at a church activity you don’t know
  • attend only one of our three worship services on a regular basis
  • want to feel more connected to members of our church family and make new friends
  • enjoy fellowshipping with others over a good meal

Already signed up? Great! Encourage your friends to sign up too. 

Groups will meet two or three times in the spring and two or three times in the fall. Each group will decide the details on when and where it will meet.

If you have questions, contact Lee McClure.

The deadline to sign up is Sunday, February 12. Groups will be notified in mid-February and will begin meeting in March. When you register, consider volunteering to help coordinate your group’s first meeting.