Traditional Worship Usher Schedule

Staff Liaison: Josh Sumter, Organist & Choirmaster

8:45 Traditional Worship

Red Team- January, April, July, October

Bob Schultz, captain and offering officer

Bob and/or Maxine Schultzmaxbob38@comcast.net865-482-0080
Wendell and/or Anne Lawsonlawsonmw@comcast.net865-483-3401

Blue Team- February, May, August, November

Gerald Boyd, captain and offering officer

Gerald Boydgboyd329@comcast.net865-220-9051
John Caughmanjjcaughman@comcast.net865-482-9319
Ruthie and/or Stephen 865-791-2064

Green Team- March, June, September, December

Lois Withrow, captain and offering officer

Lois and/or Steve Withrowloiswithrow@gmail.com865-483-4427
Dick Davisricharddavis06@comcast.net865-314-1313
Rudy Weigelrcweigel@comcast.net865-481-8108

Available Substitutes (for any Sunday)

Gerald & BJ Boyd

John Caughman

Dick Davis

Keys & Melanie Fillauer

Stephen & Ruthie Gordon

11 Traditional Worship

Red Team- January, April, July, October

Jane Grossbeck, captain and offering officer

Martin and/or Jane Grossbeckmlgro@comcast.net865-483-1446
Ted Willgrubstmwillgrubs@att.net865-425-7605

Blue Team- February, May, August, November

Judy Smith, captain and offering officer

Judy and/or George Smithyahyahjude@yahoo.com865-483-3684
John Yarbroughyarb2.jl@gmail.com865-927-0430
Princess Haasprincesshaas44@gmail.com865-539-0388

Green Team- March, June, September, December

Jay Jellison, captain and offering officer

Jay Jellisonjayjellison@gmail.com865-483-4427
 Jim Michel 865-567-2206
Ben and/or Mallory Vaigneur 865-617-0463
Ron Jackson865-482-9563

Available Substitutes (for any Sunday)

Princess Haas

Martin & Jane Grossbeck

John Yarbrough

Ted WIllgrubs (occasionally)

Gerald Boyd (occasionally)

Usher To Do list

1. Before service

a. Light candles

b. Get offering pouches

c. If communion, Offering plates down front.

d. Hand out programs

2. During service

a. Count

i. Left

ii. Right

iii. Nursery

iv. Balcony

v. Choir Ministers Ushers

b. Close doors

c. One usher stays in narthex

d. All: Watch for people that may be in distress.

3. Offering

a. If 4, Two in front go to outside, back two along aisle

b. If 3, one in back stays in aisle for both sides.

c. If 2, stay in aisle.

d. Pass plate back and forth.

e. Take offering plate to balcony before offering.

f. During doxology, take plates to altar

4. Communion/Other

a. Ministers ask balcony to come down

b. Choir served

c. Two ushers guide people to the front.

d. Let ministers know if someone cannot go to front.

5. After service

a. Open doors during last hymn.

b. Encourage people to put programs in recycle bin.

c. Collect offering in pouches and deposit in safe.

d. Put out candles.

e. Check pews for left behind items.