Traditional Worship Usher Schedule

Sunday, November 14

  • 8:45 am- *BJ & Gerald Boyd, Dick Davis
  • 11:15- *John Yarbrough, Ted Willgrubs, Princess Haas

Sunday, November 21

  • 8:45 am- *Bob & Maxine Shultz, Ruthie and/or Stephen Gordon
  • 11:15- *Martin & Jane Grossbeck, John Yarbrough

Sunday, November 28

  • 8:45 am- *Bob & Maxine Shultz, John Caughman
  • 11:15- *John Yarbrough, Ted Willgrubs, Jay Jellison, Princess Haas

Sunday, December 5

  • 8:45 am- *BJ & Gerald Boyd, Dick Davis
  • 11:15- *John Yarbrough, Princess Haas, need one more

Sunday, December 12

  • 8:45 am- *Doug & Anita Greenlee, Ruthie and/or Stephen Gordon
  • 11:15- *Martin & Jane Grossbeck, Jay Jellison

Sunday, December 19

  • 8:45 am- *Bob & Maxine Shultz, John Caughman
  • 11:15- *Martin & Jane Grossbeck, John Yarbrough

Friday, December 24

  • 4 pm- need at least 4
  • 11:00 pm- need at least 4

Sunday, December 26

  • 8:45 am- *BJ & Gerald Boyd, John Caughman
  • 11:15- *Jay Jellison, Ted Willgrubs, Princess Haas

*designates offering captain (duties listed below)

Traditional Usher Duties (for stage two of pandemic reopening protocol)

Please arrive no less than 20 minutes before the service is scheduled to begin. If bulletins aren’t laid out, please use the small table and the taller table to lay out bulletins in a way that persons can grab one without touching the rest.

During phase 2 of our pandemic protocols, our role as ushers is a welcoming and friendly front to the masked-up personnel in the worship services. When congregants arrive, please welcome them and point them toward the bulletins that will be laid out in the Narthex. If they are unmasked, offer them a disposable mask and politely remind them that it is required by the Church Council of FUMCOR that all participants are fully masked when inside the church building. If they continue to refuse, please get one of the pastors who will be floating outside the Nave (sanctuary).​

Once the worship service begins, please send one person to walk through the basement level of the building and the main hallway on the second floor to check to make sure everything is okay. If you feel like you need to walk the parking lot once during the service, that is certainly okay too. Offering plates will be in the Narthex for congregants to use for checks and cash. Please try and keep an eye on the money during and after the service. An offering captain will gather the money. 

During the service, please count the number of persons in the worship space. You can either write it on a piece of paper, or somebody with a smartphone can go to and complete the online form. Either is perfectly fine!

During this phase, the glass doors from the Nave (sanctuary) into the Narthex need to remain propped open for the entire service. However, toward the end of the service please prop the exterior doors open so congregants can leave without touching the doors. After the service begins, please remove any unused bulletins from the stands/tables and move them out of the way so as to discourage worshippers from returning their bulletins. We will not reuse bulletins between services. Congregants can take the bulletins home or recycle them in the large recycling bin near the double doors, but we are not taking them back at this time.

Our offering officers (noted with an asterisk) secure offering gifts in the appropriately marked bank bag (which can be picked up each Sunday morning from the BLUE BIN outside the front office).  The officer should fill in a “Chain of Custody” form, also found in the blue bin, and have someone witness the securing of the funds.  Include the “chain of custody” form inside the offering bag, then zipper and lock the bag making sure it is fully closed and locked, removing the key, and dropping it in the “Upper Room” change box in the narthex.  Then roll the bag of secured funds into the safe in Kathy’s office – on the 1st floor, room 111 – down the hallway before the Keystone area.  The safe is in the back, right corner of her office. Her office door should be unlocked each Sunday morning.

Communion offering is taken up every FIRST Sunday of each month (at the 8:45 am Traditional service, while communion is given every week, Communion Community Assistance Offering will only be taken that FIRST Sunday). Generally, there are separate collection plates at the front of the worship space where these offerings can be dropped as communion is being served.  There are also separate zippered bank bags that are labeled in the blue bins near the front office for those gifts received.  On the first Sunday of each month, the communion offering should be put in the appropriately marked zippered bag then drop that bag down inside the regular offering bag, unless it is too big to fit.  They can both be “rolled” into the safe in the Finance office for counting on Monday morning.

Before leaving, please walk through the Nave and see if anybody left anything of value. Note: this is not to clean or sanitize the space. Check for things like phones, wallets, or purses.